About Us

The idea behind Performance Plaza is a simple one. To use performance art as a tool to aid the learning, adapting, growth and bonding within local communities.

Since 2005, we have provided workshops in guitar tuition, drama, samba sessions, confidence building, creative writing and basically anything that falls under ’the arts’, at minimal cost, to everyone.

The founders of Performance Plaza

There’s been so much talk about smashing, building, painting and cladding, it’s worth looking at where it all started and how things have developed over the years with Performance Plaza. The co founders completed respective training at The Oldham College in 2000, and found very little in the line of creativity to link in with, financially sustainable on a long term basis. There were often, costly drama workshops for children available, but nothing for adults.  Coming from drama/music backgrounds they wanted to start something up, but didn’t know what, or even how.  Fast forward to 2005 and they decided to throw caution to the wind and set up Performance Plaza.

“We started small, but within our first few months had been successful with a grant application to take 33 young people to see a musical, many of them had never even been to the theatre before, let alone a grand musical at one of Manchester’s biggest theatres.  The joy and excitement from that night told us all we needed to know. The Arts, are so very important, seeing, hearing, taking part”. Paul Burgess, Co founder of Performance Plaza

Since 2005, workshops and tuition have been provided by the co founders and fantastic volunteers, some of whom were former students! Arts and music based workshops mainly focusing on drama, scene writing, improvisation, guitar and songwriting, with special projects running throughout including brazilian samba, filming work and overseas arts exchanges.


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